Celebrating Culture Through Food

Greek restaurant in Durban

Image: Mythos


The best way to experience a culture is through its food. So,  if you want some interesting insight into Greek heritage, we suggest you take a taste tour through Greece by ordering off the meze menu at an authentic Greek restaurant in Durban, KZN or Gauteng.

The meze menu speaks volumes for Greek culture and her people. The Greeks are a very warm and noisy bunch by nature. If you are a guest in a Greek household, don’t be alarmed if yiayia (grandmother) tries to force feed you. Greeks are very hospitable, and one of the ways they show their generous hospitality is through food. They seem to celebrate life and love through food, just as the Gods, legend has it, did in ancient times.

Image: Mythos


Greek food is prepared simply, with the freshest ingredients. The dishes are bursting with flavour, so much so that it is almost impossible to choose just one dish, because everything is usually just so delicious! From bowls of marinated olives, souvlakia, moussaka, spanakopita (phyllo pastry, filled with spinach and feta), tender calamari tubes grilled in zesty lemon butter sauce, deep-fried Cypriot cheeses, and dolmades – grapevine leaves stuffed with rice and served with Greek yoghurt – to fresh and decadent traditional dips such as hummus and tzatziki, scooped out with freshly baked pieces of pita bread, it’s a feast fit for a Greek God, never mind a king!


This is one of the reasons that in Greek culture, it is customary to order a few smaller meals and share them with friends and family. Sharing food is an integral part the Greek experience. In a typical Greek-style family gathering, there is lots of passing of plates around the table to try a little bit of everything, forks clashing, glasses clinking, laughter, and loud chatter across long banquet tables. This is the Greek way!


And then just when you think you could not possibly try another morsel, out comes the baklava, and you find yourself making room! OPA!


Explore the flavours of Greece at Mythos. They are renown for fresh, delicious, and authentic Greek cooking, and authentic is not a term they use lightly – their Head Chef brings with her a wealth of family recipes, so you know you are eating traditional Greek cuisine filled with the flavours of Greece.

Explore their meze menu or locate a Greek restaurant in Durban or in Gauteng here.


Book a table with family or friends and come and experience Greek culture. We’ll do what Greeks do best – feed you.

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