October: A Greek Food Celebration

greek dishes

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash


The Greeks are excellent hosts by nature, and love to find an excuse to celebrate almost any occasion with friends and family, getting together to enjoy themselves and mark the occasion, no matter what it is, with delicious Greek dishes. This October, Mythos warmly invites you to celebrate several things they are incredibly passionate about – champagne, coffee, pasta, and Oxi day!

International Coffee Day

If you like strong coffee, you’ll love our traditional Greek coffee. Don’t be surprised if, after one sip, you slam the cup down and yell “OPA!” Make sure you accompany a cup with a slice of our traditional baklava – nuts layered in pastry, soaked in syrup, and served with ice cream. If you’re celebrating this global awareness day at Mythos, be sure to tag us in your posts on Instagram or Facebook (@mythos_greek_restaurants), and use the hashtag #internationalcoffeeday


World Champagne Day

World Champagne Day is celebrated on Friday 22 October every year. Who doesn’t love a little bubbly? Come and celebrate at Mythos – we have a diverse array of champagne and MCC on our drinks menu. Come and sip on some sparkles at Mythos. Make sure you use the hashtags #ChampagneDay and #WorldChampagneDay when you are posting pictures of you and your friends clinking glasses, in style, at Mythos.

World Pasta Day

Yes, you heard correctly, there is an entire day dedicated to pasta, and it’s not just the Italians who celebrate it! Pasta is a part of Greek cuisine too! On the 25 October 2021, join us as we celebrate World Pasta Day at Mythos. Book a table, because we have two outstanding Greek pasta dishes you just have to try!


Pastitsio is a traditional Greek pasta – layers of macaroni, beef mince, and cheese topped with béchamel sauce, baked in the oven, and served with a side of Village Greek salad. Take a picture of one of the most iconic Greek dishes, upload it to social media and use the hashtag: #WorldPastaDay (Don’t forget to tag @mythos_greek_restaurants too.)


Gardia Linguine

Another Greek pasta must-try is the Gardia Linguine – succulent prawns marinated in white wine, garlic, parsley, and chilli, and tossed with linguine and rocket.


Oxi Day

The 28 October is a day of national celebration in Greek culture and commemorates the brave moment when the prime minister of Greece, Ioannis Metaxas, refused to let the Italian troops enter Greece’s border during the Greco-Italian War. The Greeks celebrate the way they would any occasion – with delicious Greek cuisine of course! One of the Greek dishes they traditionally eat on this day is Loukoumades, which are a type of Greek doughnut with honey, pecan nuts, and cinnamon. They are served at Mythos with ice cream. Book a table and celebrate Ohi Day at Mythos. Don’t forget to take pictures and upload them to Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #ohi #greekindependenceday


There is so much to celebrate in October! Locate your nearest Mythos restaurant and book a table to join in the festivities this month.


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