Springtime in Santorini

Photo by Raphael Lopes on Unsplash


Springtime in Santorini, or anywhere in Greece for that matter, is one of the best seasons to visit. The weather is warm, but not unbearably hot, and Mother Nature puts on a glorious display of fresh blooms, which are spectacular to witness. As a tourist in the springtime, even on the sun-scorched islands such as the Cyclades, you can enjoy the unique experience of seeing the natural landscape dressed in green.


It is no coincidence that the ancient Greek myth revolving around spring, paints it as the season for joy and celebration.


According to ancient Greek mythology, Persephone is the goddess of spring. Her abduction to the underworld by the dark lord, Pluto, and her return to her beloved mother was the ancient Greeks’ way of explaining the changing of the seasons.

Flavours of Spring

Seasonal food during springtime in Greece includes beans, artichokes, spinach, broccoli, beetroot, green onions, and wild herbs. Tangerines, strawberries, and walnuts are served as fresh and delicious desserts alongside Greek yoghurt, drizzled with honey.

If you’re dining at Mythos this spring, we recommend one of their fresh, sensational salads – perfect as a main or as a side to share.

Village Greek Salad

Beetroot & Feta Salad

Halloumi Salad

Have you tried their salmon salad? Norwegian smoked salmon, rocket, baby tomatoes, mixed lettuce, red onion, green pepper, avocado, and capers with a spicy, creamy feta cheese and honey dressing.


Their squid and artichoke salad is also a must-try – packed with the fresh flavours of a sublime springtime in Greece: Grilled squid heads with fresh mixed greens, red onion, green pepper, pitted kalamata olives, baby tomatoes, cucumber and marinated artichokes.

Top off your meal with a delectable dessert made with walnuts – a typical Grecian springtime ingredient. Ekmek Kataifi is a traditional Greek dessert that consists of three delicious layers and is the perfect after-dinner indulgence for this time of year. If you haven’t tried this yet, treat yourself to one at your nearest Mythos – layered kataifi pastry with walnuts, almonds, pecan nuts, and topped with fresh homemade custard and whipped cream.

Looking for something a little lighter? Mythos’ traditional Greek yoghurt is a lovely, healthy, and light dessert option – home-styled and extra-thick. Served with nuts and honey.


Wishing our readers a happy spring. Come and celebrate the season with a refreshing cocktail and exquisite, authentic Greek cuisine at Mythos.

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