Welcome to Mythos, one of the top, truly authentic Greek restaurants in South Africa. With restaurants nationwide, each with its own distinctive, lively, and contemporary Greek style, you’ll be transported to a dining experience unlike any other.

You’ll find us nestled in a vibrant corner of a trendy urban setting, ready to serve you from midday to late evening. Our waiters will warmly invite you to take your seat at beautifully decorated tables, decked with clear blue water bottles and wine glasses that glisten under soft lighting. Expect to be greeted by the heavenly aroma of delicious and enticing food as you settle at your table.

You and fellow diners can unwind in a warm, relaxed atmosphere that entertains a diverse array of people – from the young and fashionable sipping cocktails to the serious business diners tucking into hearty moussakas, to the cosy corner couples enjoying romance and laughter.

Explore the Flavours of Greece

When it comes to our menu, it’s bursting with Greek favourites as well as contemporary cuisine. Choose from delights like the kleftiko, made with a secret family recipe, or fresh dolmades for starters. You can look forward to mains including souvlakia and decadent desserts like beloved baklava.

With our al fresco ambiance and traditional Greek meze platters, you can try a little bit of everything to share, all in good company. We promise you a meal to savour and an experience to treasure.

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