About Us

All You Need to Know About the Mythos Restaurant Experience

Mythos was established in 2006 by George Kutra. George had a vision to provide a culinary experience that focuses on the delivery of exceptional quality Greek cuisine, freshly prepared and served in an idyllic, warm and welcoming environment. With that the first Mythos outlet was born. 

Since its establishment, the brand has become renowned for its authentic Greek cuisine, earning Mythos the title of ‘Best Greek Restaurant in Joburg, Pretoria and Ekurhuleni’ in the ‘Best of Readers’ Choice awards from 2013 to 2019. They have also won the ‘Best Neighbourhood Restaurant’ and ‘Best New Restaurant’ titles in 2015, 2016, 2017, respectively. 

Our product range and menu, as well as our business models have been developed and expanded over the years to include a superb menu of exploration of authentic Greek cuisine. There is an enjoyable variety of Meze, or traditional cooked meals such as Kleftiko and Moussaka, or meat, fish, seafood dishes, there are choices of exquisite light lunch options in Pita and delectable ranges of salads. Vegetarians are well catered for and there are tantalizing desert dishes to complete fine dining. 

Hearty & Healthy Cooking

How can something so delicious possibly be healthy? Greek food is rated as one of the top healthiest cuisines in the world. That’s because our traditional Greek cooking relies on fresh, natural, unprocessed ingredients, and time-tested preparation methods. The typical Greek diet is based largely around fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, fish, olives, olive oil, plain yoghurt, healthier “white” cheeses including halloumi and feta, lots and lots of freshly squeezed lemon, and traditional herbs for flavouring.